Mystery Art

So I’ve had this piece of art (90% sure it is a pen drawing) since I was a kid. My dad apparently found it in a dumpster while doing some work on the KU campus. (Need to doublecheck and ask him.) Though I’ve tried for years, I’ve never been able to find out anything else about it.


Siegebeast Art!

Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey!
My good buddy Joel Pfannenstiel, A.K.A. Lord Julius Panhandle, artist extraordinaire and founder of Astrokitty Comics, has been doing the art for Siegebeast. Here’s some of his (amazing) work so far:

One of the Skive (goblins, basically):


Super fun doodle time!

So I finished True Detective last night. Great show, slightly disappointed with the ending, though. Anyhap, I did a bit of doodling while I was watching, decided to share them with you guys. They’re a bit more elaborate than usual, though by no means the largest I’ve done (though all the larger ones are gone, they got lost during a move a few years back). Sorry for the shitty photo quality, don’t have a scanner, just my crappy phone camera.