Siegebeast Art!

Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey!
My good buddy Joel Pfannenstiel, A.K.A. Lord Julius Panhandle, artist extraordinaire and founder of Astrokitty Comics, has been doing the art for Siegebeast. Here’s some of his (amazing) work so far:

One of the Skive (goblins, basically):


One of the Elven nomads:


And finally, my favorite:

Dat beard! He’s definitely going to be the faction leader for the Dwarves. Close-up:

The other factions are going to largely be humans riffing off various ancient cultures, I’m pretty excited to see what Joel draws next. (I’m especially excited for the TiHuacan Empire, they were the first faction I created, based off the Aztecs, or at least their pop-culture image. They’re also the faction I’m having the most trouble with. The whole sacrifice mechanic is pretty tricky to do well. The Kiokan Shamans are also going to be pretty fun. They’re based off of a combination of Celtic and Navajo culture.)
Here’s the original post on his Tumblr. Check out more of his art, he’s pretty awesome! I’ll also be doing the first playtest for the newest version of the rules on Saturday, I’ll give you guys a run-through on it Sunday.