SiegeBeast Playtest

I finally did more playtesting on Siegebeast with some friends. I’m finally ready to unveil mechanics and such!

SiegeBeast is a strategy game that uses dice for units. The key mechanic of the game is using the dice sides to keep track of life totals for each unit. There is no dice rolling at all in the game, except for choosing who goes first, or who gets a color of dice/ specific faction if multiple people want them. I’ve checked all over, and I haven’t been able to find any other games that use dice as units like this, I’m pretty proud of it. (I could be wrong. If you know of any other game that does this, let me know!)

Siegebeast Art!

Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey!
My good buddy Joel Pfannenstiel, A.K.A. Lord Julius Panhandle, artist extraordinaire and founder of Astrokitty Comics, has been doing the art for Siegebeast. Here’s some of his (amazing) work so far:

One of the Skive (goblins, basically):


Texture issues.

My board game has a number of different terrain types, including the basic lava, water, rough terrain, and open ground. Water and lava are super easy to do, as is open ground (grass, dirt, snow, etc.) Rough terrain and impassible hexes are the tricky bits, though. I’m not sure how to show with just textures that a hex is impassible or difficult to traverse. I’d thought about using a rubble texture for rough terrain, and a rock texture for impassible, but I worry the rock texture would be too easily mistakable for open ground. One solution I’d thought of is using parallel lines over the rough terrain texture, and crosshatched lines over the impassible terrain. This would let me have multiple textures of each, but I worry it would be jarring/incongruous. Any thoughts?

I’m doing stuff with my time, I swear.

I’ve probably told some of you (Oh nonexistent readers!) about the board game I’m working on, but for those I haven’t: I’m making a fantasy strategy board game! I’m planning on crowdfunding it through Kickstarter sometime later this year, hopefully by this summer. I’ve designed, built, and tested the first alpha version (v1.0) already, and I just finished the first draft of the second alpha version (v1.1). I’ve been working on it since late September/early October. The working title is SiegeBeast, but I’m not entirely set on that.

As for actual gameplay: I’m not going to throw the game on the internet for all and sundry to see (in the case of my blog, nobody, actually) until I have something a bit more polished. It is going to be a hex grid based game with a number of different factions, and a wide range of playable scenarios. Before too long I’ll be looking for playtesters for the new version, so let me know if you’re interested!