Super fun doodle time!

So I finished True Detective last night. Great show, slightly disappointed with the ending, though. Anyhap, I did a bit of doodling while I was watching, decided to share them with you guys. They’re a bit more elaborate than usual, though by no means the largest I’ve done (though all the larger ones are gone, they got lost during a move a few years back). Sorry for the shitty photo quality, don’t have a scanner, just my crappy phone camera.

Haven’t done it for a while, so I’m a bit out of practice, but it was fun. I’ll need to do that more in the future. I went back through my old notebooks looking at some of my other sketches, too. There’s some fun stuff in there. Also, my handwriting has really degraded over the years. Looking at stuff from 2008-9, it was actually legible. Nowadays most people can’t even read my normal writing, unless I make a conscious effort to make it clear. (On forms and such, usually.) I could probably go through and upload some of my old art, if anyone is interested.