Writing Excuses

My Hugo Shortlist 2015

So on top of all the Hugo Award related reading I’m doing, I’m reading a good bit of other fiction as well, and I think I’ve found a book I plan on voting for next year. (Can’t afford to vote this year, but considering that Worldcon is in Spokane, Washington next year, I definitely plan on going.

Valour and Vanity, the fourth book in the Glamourist Histories by the amazing Mary Robinette Kowal, is a fantasy Regency drama. With magic. And Oceans Eleven/ Lies of Locke Lamora style heists. It’s amazing. The first three books are fantastic, too, but you can read this one without them, if you really want. (You totally should read the others, though, they’re great too, though each book has its own distinct take on the Regency novel.)