Retro Hugo

Great Hugo Readthrough 1959: James Blish’s A Case of Conscience

First Readthrough/ Reread: First Readthrough
Acquired: Library

Other Nominees:
Poul Anderson: We Have Fed Our Sea (or The Enemy Stars)
Algis Budrys: Who?
Robert A. Heinlein: Have Space Suit — Will Travel
Robert Sheckley: Time Killer (or Immortality, Inc.)


Hugo Nominees Announced!

Here’s the full list of nominees, and there are also Retro Hugo nominations this year. I’m planning on doing a read-through of all the novel nominations (at least for the regular ones, haven’t decided about the retro hugo nominees. Notable nominees: The ENTIRE Wheel of Time series. All of it. All 12,529 pages of it. …Luckily, I prepared for this eventuality, and have already started rereading it. I’m on book 8 of 15, though I still have to read both WoT short stories as well.


Great Hugo Reread 1951: Robert Heinlein’s Farmer in the Sky

First time/reread: Reread.
Acquired: Already owned.

Other nominees:
Isaac Asimov- Pebble in the Sky: Haven’t read.
C.S. Lewis- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: It’s Narnia, what else can I say? It’s fun.
Edward E. Smith- First Lensman: Still need to read it.
Jack Vance- The Dying Earth: Amazing author, but haven’t read this one.

Great Hugo Reread 1946: Isaac Asimov’s The Mule

I will be posting the Great Hugo Reread every Saturday from here out.

First time/Reread: Definitely a reread.
Acquired: Already owned this one, though I lost my other Foundation books.

Other Nominees:
A.E. van Vogt- The World of Null-A (Awesome)
C.S. Lewis- That Hideous Strength (Never read it, heard good things)
Fritz Lieber- Destiny Times Three (Great author, never even heard of the book before)
Edward Hamilton aka Brett Stirling- Red Sun of Danger (Huh?)

Weekly Column: The Great Hugo Reread!

So I’m adding another weekly column. I can’t currently afford to buy my comics every week, so I’ve had to put the weekly pull review on hold for now. However, another project I CAN do is a read-through of every Hugo-winning novel up to this point. (Thank you, public library system! Plus, I own somewhere between half and two-thirds of the books anyhow). The Hugo award is one of the premier SF/Fantasy awards in the world, and it’s been running since 1953, so it’d be enough to keep me going for a little bit. I’d be fitting the Retro Hugos in their appropriate year, so the reread would actually start with Asimov’s 1946 “The Mule”. In addition, I’d do the Hugo Nominees and 1939 Retro Hugo nominees (the Retro Hugos are weird, I’ll explain them later) this summer in the weeks leading up to WorldCon 72/ LonCon3.


These won’t take me too long to do. Two-three hours per book, maybe, plus half an hour tops to type up the blog post. I could probably do them at a rate of one per day, given how fast I read, but I’d get sick of that fast, and so would all of you. I haven’t picked a day to post these yet, but I’ll let you all know when I do. And hey, when we run out of books a bit over a year from now, we can always start on the Nebula Awards.

1946: Isaac Asimov- The Mule>