Weekly Comic Pull Review

I know, I know, it’s late- give me a break, though, I’ve been sick and petsitting. It’s a pretty slim week, anyhow.

Deadpool #37- Marvel

Oh, look, more SIXIS tie in nonsense. (I still refuse to call it AXIS. That logo sucks.) This is one marvel event that is leaving me feeling grossly underwhelmed- “ooh, look, good guys are bad and bad guys are good! What a twist!” Even the other parts of this issue were a bit meh- the stale bullet in the turkey gag especially. It was nice to see the whole cast having Thanksgiving together, though, and it was fun seeing Batroc and the Trapster riding the subway. Everyone has off days, I guess, and I’m mostly blaming SIXIS.




Grant Morrison’s Multiversity: Pax Americana #1- DC

Oh, look, it’s a take on Watchmen. It’s not bad, certainly, but I didn’t like it as much as the other Multiversity issues so far. (For those who don’t know, the series is a collection of one-shots all written by Grant Morrison, each exploring a different alternate universe.) The choice of The Question to fill the role of Rorsach seems a little lazy, but it’s extremely fitting. Many of the rest were just extremely forgettable. If you’re a Morrison fan, Multiversity is definitely worth picking up. For the new comics fan… It’s a little dense and referential, so just be warned.




Intersect #1- Image

What the hell did I just read?
No, seriously, this is bizarre. I genuinely cannot decide if I love or hate Intersect. I definitely feel something strongly about it, but hell if I can place it. It’s Image’s newest horror offering by Ray Fawkes, featuring fully painted (watercolor, I believe) art, people forced to share bodies with each other (and not in the two minds, one body sort of way, they’re actually melded together), creepy children’s songs, literal rains of blood, a man merging with a stove, and a general breakdown of reality.




I also purchased the first library edition of Saga, collecting the first 18 issues, and the complete Locke and Key box set. Both absolutely worth it.