Thrilling, engaging news!

That’s a lie.

I’ve been doing editing on my comic scripts. Important, but hardly thrilling. Cleaning up dialogue, plot loopholes, trying to reduce panel counts (especially in the earlier issue), ensuring continuity is stable: bleh.

Otherwise, I’ve about finished the second draft of Siegebeast’s rules. I just have some final tinkering to do, then it is time to prepare another prototype for this version. I’ve reduced the complexity a bit by getting rid of a number of unnecessary features,  including level restrictions on ability cards, and I’ve evened out the stat bonuses given by ability cards as well. (There are four stats: Armor, Speed, Attack, and Range. Armor and Range both start out at 0, Speed starts at 4, Attack starts at 1. Previously cards would give all sorts of bonuses to them, ranging from +1 or +2 to a single stat to giving bonuses to multiple stats. I’ve replaced this with having each card give +1 to each of two stats, along with whatever ability it grants normally.) I’m still having trouble with abilities for two of the factions, but I’m narrowing down the problems.