So poking around in my recent comics, I found one I wanted to mention to you guys:

Undertow #1

Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakhanov, Thomas Mauer
Undertow is spectacular. The first issue just came out last week. It’s a comic about primordial Atlantis, while humans are still savages without language or any but the most rudimentary tools. Atlantis is an autocratic, almost fascist society, and the story follows a group of rebels and refugees looking for a better life. The writing is great, the art is spectacular, and if you can, grab the spectacular Simon Roy variant cover art. (I’m a huge fan of the current run of Prophet, so his variant art is what made me pick up Undertow in the first place). It sadly fails the Bechdel Test, but that’s hardly surprising, given how many comics do fail, and it doesn’t fail egregiously. Nothing that the Hawkeye Initiative would need to look at. Also, since the characters aren’t humans, it takes a second to figure out some of their genders anyhow (though some are much, much more obvious than others). Anyway: Great comic.

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