Current Project Tally

Hey, so here’s what I’m working on project-wise right now:

      • Siegebeast: Hex-grid-based strategy game. I’ve mentioned this one already, I’m aiming to do a Kickstarter come late spring. Lots of revisions, testing, and art to do.
      • Basilisk Street: 5 part comic book miniseries. I’ve got all five scripts complete, coming in around 130 pages. I’m currently editing the scripts and preparing to hire an artist to do the pitch (First 5 or so pages). Once that’s done, I’ll start submitting it to various comic book publishers. Basilisk Street and Siegebeast are the farthest along of my projects. The biggest remaining task here is finding an artist. Good artists are expensive, and usually have very little free time.
      • Writing Practice: I’m writing a 3,000 word short story, about halfway done right now. I’m not planning on doing anything with it, this is just for practice. My goal is to write at least an hour a day, every day. (Ideally, closer to three hours.) It’s bandied around a lot that becoming skilled enough to publish prose takes 10,000 hours/ 1 million words. This one might take a while, since I’m nowhere near there. (As in years to go.)
      • Tabletop RPG: I’m also building a campaign setting with its own role-playing system. I have the basics of the world and system planned out, though it needs a LOT of work. This is taking the back burner to the preceding projects right now, but I’m planning on doing a Kickstarter for this one after the Siegebeast Kickstarter. This one is going to need a LOT of art. The system I’ve been working on for it is superficially similar to White Wolf Games’ system, in that it uses buttloads of d10’s, but uses a very different way to confirm successes or failures, damage, etc. I’m particularly excited about the setting, and unlike most tabletop RPGs, I’m planning on including a section entirely on puzzlebuilding.
      • Sci-Fi Mystery Novel: This one’s WAY off. I’ve got the premise, a basic outline, a couple scenes plotted, and a crap-ton of 3 AM notes. I’m not yet practiced enough to take this one on, so I’m working on other projects meanwhile. I also have a bunch more research to do on the science.
      • Building an alpha reader/tester network: This one’s tougher than it sounds. You’ve got to find people who won’t pull their punches (being nice is a bad thing here), have the time to read/test whatever I’m showing them, and are knowledgeable about the genre.
      • Other comic scripts: I’ve got a bunch of pages in my notebook dedicated to various comic scripts. There are two I really want to do next. The first is a supernatural western, which I’ve actually planned out pretty heavily, and will run 52 issues. (I don’t think that one will take off until I’m actually published (assumptions, much?).) The second… well, I can’t really explain the second easily yet, but it’s going to be a really bizarre four issue miniseries.
      • This blog: I’m going to try to update 6 days a week on here, minimum. Good writing practice, not too demanding, helps feed my desire to be the center of attention.
      • Unnamed Card Game: I got bored and threw together a card game a few weeks ago. I’ve got a ways to go with it, but it won’t be too complex. Not going to do a Kickstarter for it, the game needs very little art. I’ll probably just throw it on, a print on demand board and card game printer.
      • Secret All Ages Board Game: This one, I’m pretty excited about. The rules are super easy, but building the actual game will be fairly tricky, since it does not involve a standard board, and does require minis. I might try to go through traditional channels for this one, we’ll see.
      • Finding a job: ERRRGGGGHHH. HATE JOB HUNTING. SOOOO MUCH. But, I need money, so this supersedes everything else on the list.