The Forty Hour Work Week and its Assault on Creativity

If you started reading this expecting a well reasoned, thoughtful essay, you’re going to be very disappointed. I’m just really lazy, and just like to veg when I get off work. I get barely any writing done.

I have, however, gotten a little bit done, and I’m starting to push forwards with it more again as I get used to working full time again. It feels good.

Also, this whole living above poverty level thing? Fucking weird.

The More You Know

So have you ever encountered a faster than light drive in fiction that CAN’T be used in or near a gravity well, at least without serious consequences? A good example of this is Halo 2. A Covenant ship jumps inside Earth’s gravity well/ atmosphere, causes a huge explosion. Other examples of this include the StarDrive universe, the Tom Swift III universe (I think, haven’t read those books since I was a little kid), and a number of others. There is a good reason for this: awesome space battles.