A Not-So-Brief Followup on the Hugo Controversy-Fest

Larry Correia posted his take on the events around the Sad Puppy list controversy. It’s pretty long, but it covers his views on most of what happens, and he brings up some stuff in his defense, some of which is pretty good.

The Vox Day/Theodore Beale issue only gets a little space (which, considering the sheer length of the post, is actually a good bit), but Correia seems to claim that much of Day’s racism is exaggerated. I very strongly beg to differ. (The linked post contains screenshots of the specific blog post that was the main driving factor behind his expulsion from the SFWA, it’s EXTREMELY FUCKING RACIST.) For some context, there, the author Beale attacked on his blog, N.K. Jemisin, is black, so the stuff Beale’s saying about her is really goddamned racist, if you couldn’t tell already.)