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Sad Puppy Hugo Drama- We hear from some of the nominees

At this point, I imagine nearly every Hugo nominee has something to say about the awards. By my not very scientific calculations, I’m pretty sure that far more people have rejected a Hugo nomination than is the norm. Many of the nominees were completely unaware of the Sad Puppy nomination, and are moving to distance themselves from it. Following are a selection of various statements regarding the nominations, including some from some of the lesser known categories. (Best Semiprozine and best Fanzine).

As far as the Best Novel nominees go, they’re generally avoiding the controversy-

-Jim Butcher, unsurprisingly, chose to avoid the controversy, merely posting a basic announcement. Can’t say I blame him in the slightest.

-Marko Kloos still hasn’t done much commenting beyond a retweet of a John Scalzi blog post. That being said, he does seem to have just had a family pet die, so we should probably be respectful and leave him out of our internet flame war for a bit.

-Kevin J. Anderson hasn’t commented beyond a simple tweet about the nomination.

-Ann Leckie merely thanked her fans, noted that she does not generally discuss who she votes for, and provided a link for Hugo voter registrations.

-Katherine Addison/ Sarah Monette merely noted her nomination and her excitement about it. (Her Goblin Emperor was my personal favorite this year, though I still need to read the Marko Kloos and the Kevin J. Anderson.)