Temporary Hiatus

Behold, the inevitable hiatus of the low level blog! Shall I return, or shall I recede into the depths of the internet, like so many blogs before me?

Actually, I’ll probably still post here and there. The main thing I’m doing is ending my weekly pull review and probably my weekly reading list as well. They take up tons of my time that could be spent on working on my actual fiction writing. Plus, I’ve started jogging, I’m working full time again, and I’ve just got somewhat tired of it for now. When’s the last time I’ve worked on my board game? Almost a year ago? Blah. Nope. I’m trying to read more nonfiction, too. I need to actually work on my projects for a while, instead of talking about other people’s projects. (Or awards drama.) I’ll be back, but when I do return, I’ll be taking this blog in a bit of a different direction.

TLDR: I need a break from writing reviews.