Weekly Comic Pull Review Returns!

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted one of these. But hey, I can finally afford my comics again! Yay employment!


(Lady) Thor #2

I was genuinely skeptical about this series. I was a reader of Thor: God of Thunder for its entire 25 issue run, and I loved the hell out of it. Some of the best art of any superhero comic, a truly epic aesthetic, time travel, and Gorr the Godslayer, Voldemort’s bigger badder brother. So when they announced that Thor was becoming unworthy and being replaced, I pretty much dismissed it as another gimmick, like any superhero death or depowering. But I’m swiftly changing my mind. The God of Thunder storyline is picking up where it left off, but in a very new way. We still don’t know who Lady Thor is (though I feel that it should be obvious to readers of God of Thunder), but she brings a whole new style to the hammer. She’s less single knockout blow, more hurricane of fists, lightning, and hammerblows. Regardless, Jason Aaron and Co are keeping there momentum going at full throttle from Thor: God of Thunder, with the added bonus of being a great starting point for new readers.

Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #2
What I initially thought would be another one of the numerous gimmicky Deadpool tie-ins (I’m looking at you, Art of War) has turned out to be actually quite charming. Duggan has really improved as a writer since Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, and it shows. The art looks great too. Both manage to merge the best of their respective books- the quirky insanity of Hawkeye and the insane insanity of Deadpool. While not a duo that I would have really pictured as a great team up before, the dynamic of the two starts off great, and only gets better with the addition of Kate Bishop (A.K.A. Hawkeye Too). It’s quirky, awesome, and should appeal to fans of both series. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of the namesake series, but it does make quite a bit of fun of them.
Also, “You saw the naked wizard too?”

Federal Bureau of Physics #15

First off- this cover is adorable.
I’ve always enjoyed FBP, but it was never one of my favorites in my pull. The art is consistently weird and good, but the writing seemed to skimp on character development, and plot advancement could be particularly slow. These last few issues have really started to rest my qualms about the characters, though. They’re really starting to move away from being the cardboard cutouts so common in agency comics.

Copperhead #3
One of Image’s up and coming heavy hitters, this scifi western mystery has been getting great reviews for a reason. I highly recommend picking it up. My only complaint is the narrow focus of the comic- you don’t see much going on in the background. Also, I’m not sure what to think of the slightly cartoony aliens. It works great for the alien hillbillies, but for some of the others, like Boo… (Also, don’t think you’ve gotten away with having a humanoid space hamster named Boo and not expecting anyone to notice. Minsc and Boo stand ready! …For those of you who haven’t played the Baldur’s Gate games… go get Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn on Steam.)

Drifter #1
No relation to the veil-wearing sorta DC affiliated superhero, this scifi comic is… Weird. I’m not sure if it’s going for being Hard SF or what yet. The characters are unfleshed and a little spastic, it has narration boxes, the comic pushes identifying character traits a bit too hard… Generally speaking, it suffers from a lot of the problems that turn me off to so many scifi comics, though to a lesser degree. HOWEVER. DAT ART. DAYUMMM. Seriously excellent. Overall, the comic reminds me a lot of Ken Garing’s Planetoid, which remains one of my favorite sci-fi graphic novels. I’d suggest picking it up. (Drifter, though you should totally grab Planetoid, too.)

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