Orbit and the Hugo Voter’s Packet

So, Orbit, the publisher of Parasite, Neptune’s Brood, and Ancillary Justice (They’re really kicking ass at the Hugos this year, watch out, Orbit) has decided not to include the full ebooks of their nominated books in the Hugo voter packet this year. Mira Grant, Charles Stross, and Ann Leckie have issued a joint statement regarding the situation, and John Scalzi has some interesting thoughts on the matter.

What do I think? Well, the Wheel of Time was already the hulking gorilla in the room, and this does help its chances a little bit. I wouldn’t count the others down and out, though. Regardless, this year’s Hugo awards are a wee bit more dramatic than usual. As for Orbit’s decision… well, the Best Novel nominees are generally going to be much easier to find than the various short fiction awards, and they might honestly feel they’re losing a good bit of money, giving away their books, so I don’t know if I can blame them.

I’m still working on reading the others, by the way. I only have Warbound and Parasite left. I’ll do posts soon enough.