I hate music.

No, not really, but compared to most people I know, I’ve definitely acquired a reputation for being down on music, and a reputation for downright hating musicians.

I really don’t listen to much music compared to most people. On most days, I don’t even really listen to music. I boot up iTunes maybe once, twice a week, and even then just for an hour or two. Why? Well, listening to too much music puts me on edge, and can even give me a headache. No idea why, it just starts grating on my ears. Switching it up doesn’t help, I just have to turn it off. The effect is less pronounced with classical music, but it’s still there. I also prefer my music very much on the quiet side. (That being said, if I were ever in a car with an epic sound system, I’d totally blare the Brandenburg Concertos). While I was working at the Jazzhaus I was the only employee who used earplugs every night.